About Julie

An adept artist, designer and creator

A Designer

 Julie Oswin is the founder of Vision Media (Est 2010).  An adept artist and creator, she was a professional photographer for more than 25 years, a trainer and a mentor.  Her flair for design earned her a position in 2014 as the creator, designer and editor of Creative Light Magazine, the official magazine of the Guild of Photographers.

As an album designer, Julie started out designing her wedding albums in 1999 by hand drawing the design on paper and then sending it to Jorgensen, Australia.  Ever the perfectionist, she drew diagrams to illustrate precisely how mounts should be cut to ensure every product with her name on it passed her rigorous standards.  Over the years, Julie moved to solely digital album creation, and along the way, over several years, she mastered web development combining those skills with her artistic eye to design beautiful, easy-to-use websites.  She retired from Professional Photography in 2019 to pursue a career solely in design.

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“It has been a privilege  to be the Editor, Creator and Designer of Creative Light Magazine for the Guild of Photographers during the past eight years, and I look forward to showcasing the photography of the Guild’s members for many years to come” 

–  Julie Oswin


An Editor

In 2014 the Guild of Photographers Directors, Steve & Lesley Thirsk commissioned Julie Oswin to launch the Guild of Photographers first magazine, Creative Light.  Eight years later the 50th edition of the magazine will be published in July 2022.

It has been an exciting journey for Julie to showcase the excellent photography of the Guild members, documenting their success through the Guild’s IOM (Image of the Month) competition, featuring their annual awards and qualifications.  Each and every edition reaches hundreds of people interested in the craft of photography.

“Creative Light Magazine is filled with superb images and interviews with photographers from a variety of genres in the photographic world and members of the Guild”

“Congratulations to Julie Oswin, great job” –  Jeremy Price

“Just ‘flicked’ through the magazine and I have to say it is just fantastic!  Well done!” – Derek Pether

“Really impressed with the content of the magazine, well done to Julie Oswin for producing such a great magazine” – Gordon McGowan

” It is imperative as a photographer to gain expertise, training and keep moving forwards within the industry through ever-evolving digital technology.  Photography is a fluid environment. There is no room for complacency.  Stand still in the photography industry, and technology will pass you by.”   –  Julie Oswin

An Author


(ISBN: 0806488418845)  PUBLISHED 2006


Visiting the Spring Fair at the NEC in 2006 Julie met with Book Illustrator and Publisher Angie Patchell.  After viewing Julie’s photography on her website Angie asked her to write a book about wedding photography. Within a few short months, the book “Contemporary Wedding Photography” was finally completed and ready for publication. The book was published in 2006. During that year Angie published two books, Julie’s and another by Morag McDonald on “Documentary Wedding Photography”.   Although the books are now over 16 years old and technically outdated; they still contain helpful, comprehensive information on photography and proven workflow formulas.

Digital photography, computers, photoshop, and jpegs were an exciting era for creativity in the 2000s. In 2001, Julie took a big step in digital photography, sold all her Bronica 6×6 camera equipment and purchased a DSLR Nikon D100 (6Mb) camera plus lenses. She was the fourth woman in the UK to be awarded a Fellowship in Wedding Photography by the BIPP in 2013. Later that year she was awarded her Master Craftsman by the Guild of Photographers and awarded her Fellowship by the SWPP in 2017.  Julie retired from photography in the autumn of 2019 to pursue a career solely in web and graphic design.